women in oncology

Women Leaders in Oncology (WLO) recognizes and empowers women who have dedicated their careers to advancing oncology research. We celebrate important contributions, provide ongoing support, and facilitate networking opportunities with other women leaders.

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A Legacy of Empowerment

The Gender Imbalance in Oncology Leadership Underscores Why We Continue to Provide Women in Our Field Mentorship and Networking Opportunities.

Women are less likely to hold senior positions in academic departments and professional organizations, to be invited speakers at congresses, and publish research.

The visibility of women in leadership positions is important for strengthening the career path of upcoming generations.

WLO is actively engaged in addressing the fight against cancer by elevating the research efforts of women oncologists, investigators, and scientists.

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Our Imprint on Future Generations

With your support, WLO is able to fund the annual Women Leaders in Oncology Women Who Conquer Cancer Young Investigator Award. This year-long research and travel grant is awarded to a female oncologist who is making a huge impact in the fight against cancer.